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Did you know that a single household can use a quarter of its total energy in heating water? This is a reality that faces many households in Brisbane. In Australia, particularly Queensland, there is a lot of sunshine that can be tapped to install a hot water solar system. This is beneficial in many ways. But while taking advantage of the sunshine in Australia, you should also get this service from the best company. If you live in Brisbane, then you have Gotta Getta Group as your reliable partner in getting you the best solar hot water systems in Brisbane. Before we highlight some of the benefits of using our services, it is important to let you know of how the solar hot water system works.

How do Solar Hot Water System Works?

The mechanism behind this system is quite easy to understand. Solar collectors, which can either be flat panels or evacuated tubes, are used to absorb energy from the sun to heat water that you will use at your home. The heated water is usually stored in insulated tanks for your convenient use when you will need it. It is usually important to place the solar collectors on your roof facing north. We have the best team that has experience in solar hot water installation in Brisbane. This is the perfect way to have solar hot water system installed in your home.

At times, the weather may not be favorable for you to enjoy hot water directly from the sun. On such days, a hot water system may need a boost. The booster only comes after the temperature in the storage tanks are below the thermostat setting. A manual booster of either gas or electrical power will be needed. At Gotta Getta Group, we advice our clients to use a gas booster which emits less greenhouse gas than an electric booster.

In order to get the best solar hot water system in Brisbane, you need to consult the best company providing this service. It is by no doubt that Gotta Getta Group is the leading provider of solar hot water panels in Brisbane.

Solar Hot Water Systems Brisbane – Benefits

Though many think that the upfront price of buying and installing solar hot water system is on the higher side, the many benefits that accompany such a decision make it beneficial in the long run. Furthermore, you can buy cost effective solar hot water system at affordable prices from Gotta Getta Group and still enjoy the benefits of solar hot water. Here below are some of the benefits:

  • Reduction of the Amount of Greenhouse Gas

By using the solar hot water system in Brisbane, the total amount of greenhouse gas emitted in your home is reduced by a significant amount. This is because the solar hot water system produces very little amount of greenhouse gas. This goes a long way in promoting a green and natural environment.


  • Cheaper in the Long-run

The installation price might appear to be a bit high but the user stands to gain in the long run. This is because you will not have to pay the costly monthly electricity bills that you used to pay before.


  • Quick Return on Investment

In a span of about 5-10 years you will start enjoying direct benefits of your investment. In other words, the return on investment is felt after about five years. After these years, all the money that you used to purchase and install the system would have been recovered. The rest is just on enjoying free hot water.


  • Abundant Sunshine

The weather condition in Brisbane is always good offering abundant sunshine. This only means free and unlimited amount of energy for use. Unlike other power sources, solar energy is freely available and in abundance.


  • Low Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining a solar hot water system is relatively low. This reduces expenses that a home owner may have after installation of the system.

Of course there are many other benefits that can only be realized after successful installation of the solar hot water system. And as mentioned earlier on, these benefits can only be realized if you choose to have Gotta Getta Group as your partner. So what are the other reasons why you should seek services of Gotta Getta Group as solar hot water system and installation provider? The reasons are highlighted below here:


  • Exemplary Services: Gotta Getta Group offers exemplary service in hot water installation. Gotta Getta provides new solar hot water system and can also repair your existing system.


  • Experience: Our Company has experience and proven track record in solar hot water system installation and repair.


  • Affordable: Not only do we offer exemplary service but also provide such services at affordable prices. The prices are pocket friendly and most home owners in Brisbane can afford our services.


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