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A roller shutter is that has many horizontal slats hinged together. To open the doors you raise it up and lower it down to close it. When the door is large, the roller shutter may be motorized for effectiveness. Even a small door can be motorized at the client’s request.

At Gotta Getta Group, we provide high quality roller shutters brisbane of different types. We are a company that has been in this industry for quite a long time and thus understands the need of clients when it comes to quality products for shutters. We have established our base in Brisbane, Queensland. Therefore if you live in Brisbane or near, our quality services can reach you. Our involvement in this business is due to the many benefits that homeowners get by installing roller shutters.

Roller Shutters Brisbane – Benefits and Importance.

There are many other benefits that a home owner can get by installing a roller shutter. The below are just a few benefits listed:


  • Protection: Roller shutters are known to provide security to home owners. They work to prevent burglary at home.


  • Noise Reduction: They also reduce a substantial level of noise from outside giving home owners the much needed quite environment at their homes.


  • Light Control: A roller shutter can be used to control the amount of light that gets into the house.


  • Insulate the house: You can use the roller shutter to control the amount of heat that gets into your home. Heat that is transferred through the windows can be insulated by roller shutters. This gives a much cooler environment in your home.


  • Asset Improvement: In Brisbane, roller shutters have become very popular and many home owners are installing them. By installing one in your home, you improve the market value of your property.


Major Types of Roller Shutters Brisbane offered by Gotta Getta Group

At Gotta Getta Group, we provide best quality and affordable roller shutters including normal or electric, window or plantation shutters, aluminum or metal, interior or exterior shutters. The choice of a roller shutter depends on a number of factors such as buying price, maintenance cost, style and durability.

Just having a roller shutter in your brisbane home is not good enough; you need to get the best quality roller shutters for your home to effectively enjoy the benefits mentioned above. Gotta Getta Group is the best company from where you can get quality roller shutters of different types and design. We don’t just claim to be the best, we prove beyond reasonable doubt that indeed we are the best. This can be witnessed through the features of our roller shutters.


GGG Roller Shutters Brisbane Features:

  • Available in Variety of Designs

In our Brisbane warehouse, we have variety of designs to choose from. These designs are meant to meet the specific needs of different clients with different tastes.

  • Available in Different Colors

We understand that different homes have different theme colors that roller shutters should work to complement and not to clash. For that reason, we provide roller shutters of different colors.

  • Motorized and Manual Options are Available

We offer roller shutters of different types. You can either opt for the manual or motorized roller shutters. A manual roller shutter is cheaper than the motorized one though the latter operates in much ease.

  • Suppress Noise by up to 50%

Our roller shutters can suppress external from getting into your house by up to 50%. This is a good percentage of noise reduction that you are guaranteed of. If you live in a noisy environment, then our roller shutters are the best option you have for restoring quite environment in your home.

  • Corrosion Elimination

We provide roller shutters with aluminum box guides and slots that work to eliminate corrosion.

Additional Benefits from Gotta Getta Group

  • 5 Years Workmanship Warranty

We have qualified staff who will install the roller shutters to perfection. You have up to 5 years of workmanship warranty. Not even a single customer has claimed this warranty since our services surpass their expectations.

  • Product Warranty

In addition to the workmanship warranty, we also provide product warranty up to a specified period of time. This is just to give our customers peace of mind when buying from us.

  • Manufactured in South Australia

All our products are proudly manufactured in South Australia. Brisbane residents should therefore know that these products have been manufactured in their state.


Plantation Shutters Brisbane

We also offer best quality plantation shutters in Brisbane, QLD at affordable prices. As a company, we will not just ensure that you enjoy the benefits but also work towards improving your home’s value through proper installation of high quality plantation shutters. Choosing us is thus the best option that you can make in regards to your shutters quest.

Plantation Shutters – Benefits and Importance

In Brisbane, plantation shutters are the trending products in covering windows. Many residents like using plantation shutters to cover their windows due to the numerous benefits they get.

At GGG, we guarantee the following benefits when we install plantation shutters for you:

  • Elegance

We guarantee you that your plantation shutters will improve the elegant look of your rooms. Our high quality shutters have the much needed elegant touch that sophisticated home owners appreciate much.

  • Security

We provide plantation shutters that will work to not only bring the elegant look in your home but also ensure that your home is secure from unnecessary burglary.

  • Noise Reduction

Our range of plantation shutters will also help you in reducing external noise that gets into your room. Brisbane is bound to have some degree of noise that might not be pleasant to homeowners and thus we provide shutters that can reduce the noise.

  • Energy Efficient

The plantation shutters that we provide are energy efficient. They will help you in reducing your cost of heating and cooling in different seasons for they help in controlling the amount of heat in the room.

Of course there are many other benefits such that you will get from using our range of plantation shutters. The above mentioned are just a few benefits that most customers in Brisbane have reported to us through their testimonials.


Plantation Shutters Types

Primarily, there are two main types of plantation shutters i.e. Poly and Wood Plantation Shutters.

Poly Plantation Shutters

This is a type of plantation shutters made out of man-made poly materials. We offer this type of shutters even though it is not common in Brisbane.

Wooden Shutters

The most popular type of plantation shutters is wooden shutters. They are popular in Brisbane due to the many benefits they have. Some of the benefits of wooden shutters include:

  • They provide natural beauty in the room
  • They are known to last for longer periods
  • Easy to clean
  • Stronger than poly but lighter in weight

At GGG, we have qualified experts who will provide for you the best wooden shutters in Brisbane. The unique benefits of choosing wooden shutters from us are:

  • Best Quality Timber

We provide the best quality timber that is bound to last for long. As a company policy, we have always relied on the best timber available in the market for making our plantation shutters.

It is out of these high quality timbers that we assure our clients durable plantation shutters.

  • Different Colors

White is the most popular color that most people prefer when it comes to plantation shutters. At GGG, we not only provide the white plantation shutters but also different colors for our customers to choose from. We understand that different people have different color preferences that we have to provide. Therefore, you can get whichever color that you want.

  • Staining Available

Residents who prefer the look of stained shutters should come to us for we offer staining for our wooden plantation shutters. We do custom trimming to make a blend of your room’s furniture.


Why We Are The Best When It Comes To Plantation Shutters

For the many years of our professional installation of plantation shutters, we have offered exemplary services to our customers and they have always made positive feedback of our services. Here below are some of the reasons why residents have continually been using our services.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

We guarantee residents of complete satisfaction when they choose to work with us. We only install plantation shutters that satisfy the needs of our clients. Our team is always ready to redo the work until our customers are satisfied.

  • Well Trained Professionals

We offer high quality services because we have the best employees in Brisbane. All our employees are well trained and will work to make your plantation shutters perfect.

  • Guaranteed Workmanship

The reason why we employ trained employees to work with us is because we have always maintained a perfect record of workmanship. Every touch that we make to your plantation shutters is bound to be perfect.

  • Efficiency

We are also an efficient company with efficient employees providing high quality shutters. We respond promptly to all our customers’ request to get them plantation shutters and ensure that the work is done within our stipulated time.

  • Fair Price

Many residents here have been enjoying high quality shutters at very fair prices. The quality of service that we provide against the price charged only shows of our commitment to providing plantation shutters at fair rates.


You are just a call away from getting unique plantation shutters in Brisbane. Choose us today to get the best shutters for your home. Please fill the form below or call us.

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