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Gotta Getta Group is a leading home improvement company in Brisbane. Coming with many years of experience in selling beautiful carports and verandahs brisbane, GGG is now offering a wide range of services including installation of carports and verandahs in your home. Carports and verandahs expand your house and have aesthetics functions of making your home look beautiful. As a service, our company is best suited to provide the best solutions in the installation of carports and verandahs Brisbane. But even before we get to highlight the supporting reasons for using our services, it is important to know the general benefits of having carports and verandahs in your home.

Carports and Verandahs Brisbane – Benefits

  • Extended Living Space

One of the benefits you get from having a carport and a verandah installed in your home is the fact that you will have extra living space in your compound. A verandah, particularly, provides a good shade that can be turned to a living room. Given that it is protected from other external elements, you can enjoy your stay all year round.

  • Weather Protection

The direct contact with sun or rain will be a forgotten story once you have installed your carport and verandah. Once you put your car in the shade, it will be protected from extreme weather conditions that may have otherwise had negative effect on the car’s paint. You also get protection from extreme sunlight and rain when relaxing outside your house in the verandah. Gotta Getta Group offer the best quality carports and verandah that can withstand extreme weather conditions all year round.

  • Increased Property Value

Property value in Brisbane has been on the rise. This is in response to the high demand of property in South Australia. Carports and verandahs increase the value of property by a significant amount. The investment you made installing the carport and verandah against the accrued value is in favor of such an investment. At Gotta Getta Group, we offer attractive carports and verandahs that will only work to increase the value of your property.

  • Maximize Children’s Fun

Verandahs provide a safe place for your children to play. It maximizes their fun without facing the risk of injuries.

Carports | Verandahs | Pergolas | Patios – GGG Is The Best

Apart from just installing carports and verandahs, we also install pergolas and patios at the best price measured against quality. We have a specialized computer generated 3D system that we use in engineering your carport design and verandah design on site. We have sales representatives who will show you the various carport and verandah styles. You will also be shown the prices for the different styles of carports and verandahs.

Our services are considered to be the best because we do not use low quality materials but rather a combination of modern and best quality materials that have been cut to precision by our latest technological machines.

Your Brisbane home definitely needs a pergola installed in it. It is a good place to set out your entertainment facilities that will keep your family and friends entertained. From the many beautiful pergolas we have installed in different homes, you will be impressed by our workmanship on site. We give samples of the work that we have done on other homes to give you an idea of what to expect the moment you choose us.

Types of Carports and Verandahs

There are many types of carports and verandahs that a homeowner can opt to have installed in his/her property. The common types of carports and verandahs as offered by GGG include:

  • Flat Roof

  • Flat Pitched Roof

  • Gable Roof

  • Hip Roof

  • Dutch Gable Roof

These are some of the common types of carports and verandahs that you can get. The choice of the type is mainly dependent on functionality and cost.

Buying From Gotta Getta Group Benefits

What are the unique benefits that you only get by hiring us? Learn of the unique features that our company offers to customers here below;

  • 25 Years Product Warranty: We provide 25 years warranty on all our products. This is a long period that only works to assure you that our products are of high quality. We do not expect you to even claim the warranty since our products are very durable and lasts for long.


  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty: With 5 years workmanship warranty, you can be sure that our professional carports and verandahs installers will do their best to avoid any form of error while working. Our team has vast experience in this work and therefore you should expect an error-free installation work.


  • Computer designs and Drawing: Our sales agents will not only show you samples of work previously done by us but also design for you a carport or verandah on site. We only provide computerized designs and drawings for effectiveness.


  • Wide Choice of Roof Profiles: We have a wide variety of roof profiles to choose from. In addition to the many types of carports and verandahs roofs that we have, we also have a remote control sun roof that allows home owners to adjust the roof depending on the weather conditions.

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Along with carports, verandahs, patios and pergolas in brisbane we also sell and repair roofing, solar panels, gutters, roller shutters and solar hot water in brisbane.



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