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Gotta Getta Group is the leading solar company in Adelaide, South Australia. We use the best quality solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial market. Cut the full electricity cost by installing the best performance solar panels in Adelaide by GGG.

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Gotta Getta Group has now been in business for more than 27 years. We are NOT just selling Solar Panels in Adelaide, We provide a large range of products and services including Roofing, Gutters, Carports and Verandahs, Patio, Pergolas, Solar Panels, Roller Shutters, Rendering and Painting Services. We will always be around for high quality solar panels or any other home renovations you may require in the future with huge discounts for previous customers.

We pride ourselves on providing Quality Solar System. We don’t just do any generic quote over the phone; Our business is geared up to service you in your home by our quality customer focused sales representatives. You will be presented with a solution to suit your individual requirements. This is a free no obligation in home visit aimed at servicing you properly given that you are potentially going to spend thousands of dollars on your Solar System. We look at the roof space available & tailor solution to suit your individual needs. Solar Systems ranging from 1.5 kw to 3 kw will take care of modest power bills but we also specialise in the bigger 4 kw, 5  kw, 10 kw Solar Systems and beyond for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Market in South Australia.We want to provide our customers with the personalised service that you deserve.

Other (Solar only) companies have set up the culture of quoting over the phone or selling Solar Panels In Adelaide online, with cheap prices being the focus & not the finer points of solar installations. There are too many variables to provide such quotations. We don’t give generic “ball park” quotes over the phone for any of our products.
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Gotta Getta Group use the Ulica Brand Solar Panels

Understanding all the energy needs differ, dependent on the home owner’s requirements.

GGG can tailor any Solar System to suit the client’s specific needs. As a company we only provide products that meet the highest standards, hence giving us the ability to include the “Quality Endorsement” seal of approval.

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Commercial Solar

Panels Features

  • High module efficiency and stable Solar Power output based on leading process technology.
  • High performance under low light conditions.
  • Multiple diode bypass system, meaning shade obstructions have a lesser effect on efficiency.

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Quality and Warranty

  • Average power of modules in single order is guaranteed not less than the peak power.
  • Average cell efficiency of 17.5%
  • Meets the requirements of Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • 25 year power output warranty.
  • 5 year workmanship warranty

Solar Power Adelaide

To get the Best out of your Solar Power System you need quality Solar Panels installed by trained and experienced Solar Installers in Adelaide, South Australia. We are the provider of best quality Solar Panels in Adelaide. We employ fully qualified electricians specifically trained in the installation of Solar as we believe in quality workmanship. We have already sold Thousands of Solar Panels in Adelaide, South Australia and many of them were by Referral as a compliment from our happy customers.

How It Works?

Solar panels are located to maximize exposure to the sun and minimize shading. A north-facing roof at 35 degrees is optimum; however, orientation within 45 degrees east or west results only in marginal power losses: approximately 20%.

GGG Solar engineer a Solar Design that can be installed on almost any roof to maintain optimum tilt and orientation of solar panels. Inverters and safety switches are installed in positions out of the weather or weather proof enclosures are used when outside. A laundry, garage or outside under the eaves are optimal positions.

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Why electricity bills are rising?

Solar Panels Adelaide

(Updated: 6:22:43 PM, Monday June 24, 2013)
By Matthew King

We look at why our electricity bills are rising so rapidly and just what you can do about it.
Image: © John Casey –

 Electricity Cost
The cost of electricity is back in the news. And contrary to the Prime Ministers recent assertion, when you focus on the detail, a raft of “green” imposed costs, of which the carbon tax is but one, has been responsible for 50 per cent of electricity increases in NSW this financial year and 34 per cent 2011-12. As ever, the devil is in the detail.

There’s no denying power bills have raised dramatically in Australia over the past decade. During the past three years alone, prices have risen by an average of 35 percent across Australia. And there is more to come, as the Australian Energy Commission (AEMC) estimates that average national prices will jump a further 37 per cent by 2014.

A national impact

This financial year residential and small business electricity prices in NSW have risen by an average of 18 per cent (including inflation). If the just announced raft of price increases from 1st July are included, consumers in NSW will have experienced a massive 113 per cent price rise since 2006.

Hot on the heels of a 7 per cent increase last year, Victorian consumers saw prices increase 10 per cent again in January and have been warned of another 10 per cent increase in July.

But it is not just the larger states that are being affected. For instance last year South Australia saw a 10 per cent increase in costs, bringing the typical annual bill to $1270 a year. While the Queensland government is now considering a new increase of 7.6 per cent, or about $122 for the average electricity bill. And this also follows an average increase of 6.5 per cent last year.


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